Data Feeds
  • Customized Canadian investment fund data
  • Canadian investment fund analytical data
  • Comprehensive, reliable and timely data feeds
Fundata offers the most accurate and comprehensive data on Canadian investment funds available in the market.

Combined with commitment to fast, flexible client service, the quality of the information provided makes Fundata the vendor of choice for your market data and analytical requirements.

At the center of Fundata’s Data Feed products are three core objectives:
Comprehensive Coverage
Fundata’s investment fund database continues to grow daily. Fundata’s focus on providing comprehensive coverage includes hundreds of data points on each of the more than 35,000 investment funds and 13,000 stocks.
Investment products covered include:
  • Investment funds
    • Mutual funds
    • Segregated funds
    • Pooled funds
    • Hedge funds
    • Wrap products
    • Labour-sponsored funds
    • Structured notes
  • ETFs
  • North American equities
  • Commodities
Data coverage includes:
  • General fund/stock information
  • Pricing and yield information
  • Risk and risk-adjusted return statistics
  • Historical price performance analysis
  • Holdings and allocations analysis
  • And a series of proprietary Fundata analytics
Data Quality
Fundata performs intensive data analysis on raw pricing and fund information to create data points that are critical for end-users making investment decisions.

Fundata is committed to delivering the highest possible standards of data quality as well as investment product statistics and analytics.

Each of the data points collected from investment fund clients is filtered through a 12-point error-checking mechanism and stored on redundant storage servers to ensure data accuracy, integrity, and immediate availability for distribution to millions of end-users.
Simply stated, Fundata financial market data feeds are comprehensive, reliable and efficient. Their dedicated team of technical staff ensures that mission-critical pricing and analytical information is delivered reliably, efficiently and on-time multiple times a day.

Suited for:
  • Back-office System Providers
  • Banks and Insurance Companies
  • Brokers and Dealers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Fund Companies
  • Publications and Business Media Channels
  • Resellers and Redistributors
  • Websites
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We offer our clients the most accurate and comprehensive data on Canadian Investment Funds that is available in the market.
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